Understanding Igbo Titles - Mazi, Oriaku, Ichie, Nze, Ogbuefi, Onowu, Igwe etc

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    Every society has title ascribed to various people according to their levels and stages in society, some of the titles comes naturally while some are are given after an official coronation or after attaining certain levels or age in the society. Below are some titles you should know in Igboland and those how to address the title holders.

    * Nwamadi - Master.
    Nwamadi title is the same thing as 'Master' in English, this is an address given to a young male child,basically before they will be able to fend for themselves.

    * Nwada - Miss.
    Unmarried young women are generally addressed as 'Nwada' in Igboland. There is another meaning of nwada but it's better we don't delve into it now as it may cause confusion. The message here is to understand that 'nwada' is the same as 'miss' in English language.

    * Mazi - Mr.
    This is a title or better and address given to an adult male, Mazi is the same as Mr in English. You generally address adult Igbo male with Mazi before his name eg, you address me as Mazi Izu. Mazi itself is of Eastern Igbo origin, from Aro side and was widely used by the present day Abia and Imo State. It was used then to referred to respect and elderly men in the society. Mazi was later adopted into central Igbo as a general address to every adult me.

    * Oriaku - Mrs.
    Oriaku is a title given to every married Igbo women, Igbo women are addressed as Nwada before they are married but once they are married they will be addressed as Oriaku. Oriaku means consumer of wealth. Hope you get the clue. :D

    * Nna - Father
    Forget all these daddy/mummy today, in Igboland, the head of the family and the father of the house are addressed by the children as NNA. Nna is an Igbo word for Father.

    * Nne - Mother
    Just like Nna, Nne means Mother. Childeren address their mother as Nne in a typical Igbo setting.

    * Nna Ochie - Grand Father / Uncle
    Grand children address their grand fathers and uncles as Nna Ochie. This is practice is still very much active today. The Word Nna means Father and Ochie means Old so Nna Ochie can be translated to Old Father in English.

    * Nne Ochie - Grand Mother / Auntie
    Just like Nna Ochie, Nne Ochie is an address from grand children given of Grand mothers and Aunties. Nne Ochie could be translated to Old Mother but in this context, it stands for grand mother or auntie.

    * Nnanyi - Our Father
    Married women address their husband with many things, popular among them is Nnanyi. Elderly men in a typical Igbo society are also addressed as Nnanyi by the young ones. Nnanyi simply means Our Father in English Language.

    * Nneanyi - Our Mother
    Just like Nnanyi, Nneanyi is an address give to elderly women in a typical Igbo society by the young ones. Nneanyi means Our Mother in English Language.
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    where is the Onowu you mentioned?
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    The article is not complete, I will continue later.

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