Wales overtaking English Football!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by izu, Jul 2, 2016.

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    England must be peeving and reeking in combusting envy;
    Wales? Yes Wales in semi finals!
    Little Wales have brushed England aside, just like
    Icelanders (about the size of a poolside club) did.
    What the heck and hell is wrong with England?
    The English are suffering from generational evil.
    1. Slavery without apologies,
    2. Lumping of disparate & hitherto enemy African units as colonial territories
    ( imagine Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, idomas, Fulanis, Who were enemies, being forced into being one country, with motto; "one destiny" which kain destiny, has the hatred not continued till date?)
    3. Establishing divide and rule neo colonial govts, designed to fail ab initio.
    4. Designing countries that are meant to NEVER succeed economically.
    5. Designing colonies purely for resource exploitation purposes.
    6. Overtly Overseeing and partaking in the bombing and killing of 3 million biafrans, for wanting freedom
    7. Foisting of bad leadership in African territories, even after independence,
    8. Evil role in South African apartheid era.
    9. Supporting in the wreck of Niger delta ecology.
    How can a country who did all these, expect to enjoy the happiness of sports achievements?
    The misery of under-achievement, "so near, yet so far syndrome" will live on with England.
    English sporting underachievement is spiritual.
    Congrats Wales.

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