What a Nation of awkward Policy Makers!

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    N23,000 for the idle young; N:0:00 for the retired, sick, Old!
    What a Nation of awkward Policy Makers?!

    So, the Federal Government is seriously contemplating payment of N23,000 to university graduates, whatever for, and nothing definite is coming of the ever naghing question of paying regular pensions and gratuities of retired workers in Nigeria. 

    Perhaps, safe Anambra State and a few more, all the States in Nigeria are owing pensioners, some as long as 36 months while the most generous is owing just six months of pension arrears. 

    And I ask, why is it difficult for the government to see the system disconnect from this anomaly? These pensioners have families to be taken care of, including these so called graduates. It is strange that few in the Power Chambers have bothered to find out why parents are helpless with their children being driven to vices and anti-social activities, when they ought to be disgusted and strong in reaction to such. Today, a tired, retired and poverty - pummeled old father or mother mumbles "thank you my son/daughter", whenever something is handed down to him/her, by the son/daughter, without bothering to ask how the unemployed child got what he is giving. 

    Gone were the days your father would stare right into your eyes, roll down the fiery eyeballs down to your outstretched hand as he roared, "how? Where? Did you get that from..." if you were not gainfully employed.
    Now, if government is prepared to pay N23,000 per month or N276, 000 per year to a university graduate or whatever you call it, has anybody bothered to pose a question in contradistinction? What if you dutifully employ that same N276,000 to train this young man or woman in a craft/skills while in school, so he leaves the classroom for a workshop or money-earning field on the instant (at graduation).

    Often, this child had become a prostitute, armed robber, tout or a deviant of one sort or the other, and the dead gesture of government is a salutary, populist N23,000, for a young man already developed in crime and who can earn that amount by wielding dagger and standing by a lonely street at night, where he collects ladies' handbags at dagger-points.
    Till date, it beats my imagination how Nigerian leaders think they will ever get anything right when pensioners, from office messengers and cleaners to High Court Judges, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, etc, are denied of their pensions and gratuities. 
    Retired judges, for example, are like the thumbs nugging the serving Judges to "see what is happening to us and arrange good care for yourself before you retire." This is standard life saving or caring admonition.
    You can be sure of what this serving Judge would do with administration of justice when he is sure he is retiring into penury. We already know what serving Generals and the middle ranks do with public funds, perhaps since they watched that clip "Now, why did we fight Biafra?"...as was wailed by that retired soldier who had collapsed at the so called "pension verification centre" in 2003.
    And who wouldn't do something to be alive? 
    It falls within natural urges to seek to be alive, well and buoyant.

    Opinion credits to Igbonekwu Ogazimorah, source - his Facebook Timeline.
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    Concerned citizen comment 1.

    Thank God this piece came from you my distinguished brother. You well enough as experienced hence whomever got a 7th sense must listen n act wisely, if perhaps it came from me, they would say, nonsense, this run away soldier telling us how to run our government but guys, why did people like myself run away from Nigeria? Sorry folks, one good reason is that our government don't believe in what Nigeria is all about. That's why Buhari ran away to the UK seeking medical attention even as he knows Nigerian doctors on home soil could handle such little ailment. In short folks, Buhari is incapable and confused man running a failed state QED, he must take d honorable rout now by resigning, period.
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    Concerned citizen comment 2.

    The hall mark of a government that came into power through generating mass euphoria fueled by false, impracticable promises.

    On sensing their waning popularity, they've resorted to the tactics of Nero; entertainment of the people with bloody gladiatorial shows ( read anti-corruption "fight") , and throwing loaves of bread at the hungry crowd ( read #23,000 scheme). The government's economic and financial management policies are archaic and destructive.

    Modern economic management posits that Government alone cannot provide jobs.
    In actual fact, a leaner, more efficient government frees funds which, instead of been deployed to paying salaries, can be invested in healthcare, education, power, energy, defence and infrastructure.
    Job creation is a function better carried out by the private sector, S.M.E.s in particular.
    With proper funding, the private sector would be able to employ these graduates ( and actually offer them better than a #23,000 stipend).

    The YouWIN program was a worldclass entrepreneurial development and funding program.
    It was highly successful ( I personally know about 30-40% of Anambra state beneficiaries).
    YouWIN 3 was the third edition of this innovative and beneficial program.
    At the twilight days of the Jonathan administration, 1,500 awardees received between 20-70% of their approved grant money.
    The funds were deployed to pre-investment expenses, acquisition of premises, infrastructure and machinery, and micro- production.

    From May 2015 till date, these budding entrepreneurs have not received the last tranche of their funds, which will serve as working capital.
    At between 5- 15 employees per SME, these businesses would have removed 15,000 youths from the job queue.
    The honorable Minister for Finance comes across as articulate, focused and visionary, YouWIN 3 must not die.

    Granted that this Administration is creating other SME development concepts, like the 'BIG' and ' YES' programs, it take 1-2 years for new awardees to be selected, trained and funded. They would now require between 2-5 years to fully stabilize.

    It does not make sense to destroy an existing, successful, almost fully funded program, in anticipation of future potentially successful programs.
    YouWIN 3 must not die.

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