What a Norther said about Niger Delta Oppression and Exploitation

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    This is an opinion of a Northern Nigerian about the suppression, oppression and exploitation of Niger Delta by greedy Northern leaders.

    we are not enemies but friends, we must not be enemies. Sometimes I really wonder why we spend too much time in the clouds when we are being beaten by heavy downpour of realities starring us in the face, in their naked nastiness . Truth be told, Niger Deltans created most of their mess themselves and they are the ones who have to clean it up.

    Why did I say that? Oil blocs did you say? Why are we over flogging this issue of oil blocs allocations, 99% of which where allocated during the military era? Are we trying to claim ignorance of the fact that military regimes were regimes based on coercion and barrels of guns? It was survival of the fittest then,and somehow the North happened to be the mightiest . It wasn't anything legal after all and majority of the Nothern citizens are not beneficiaries of this illegality as they also live in melancholic situation and tribulation. Like the Niger Deltans they perpetually hope for the end of this contraption " Nigeria ".

    The mess created for the Niger Deltans by its very own elites was rooted in the internal strife for personal wealth, power and influence within the Niger Delta "resistant" groups . We are very much aware of the egocentric nature of the struggle that characterized the pioneer struggles in the Niger Delta where few " strugglers " continue to amass so much wealth at the expense of the majority whom were often influenced to jaw- jaw while the negligible few stole even the little they had! Remember the single event that change the face of the entire Niger Delta struggle ? The brutal murder of four of the most prominent sons of Ogoniland traced to a youth wing of a militant group loyal to ken Saro Wiwa which gave the military the excuse to hang Wiwa and eight others was one of the consequences of a community cause championed by people driven by primordial interest .

    Since the Wiwa tragedy, the narative remain the same, the modus operandi and motive behind the struggle is still one ( mutates mutandis ). Once a struggler becomes rich and powerful riding on the back of the tattered and shattered poor they abandon the struggle and left the poor to fend for themselves . Those Niger Deltans in the National Assembly would never bring a motion or propose a bill for the betterment of their people. What a chance and golden opportunity for this goose that lays the golden egg for Nigeria , when the son of the soil Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had the opportunity to steer the affairs of " Nigeria " for six years! But what did he do for his region? Nothing! Oh! He said he wasn't nepotistic ,regionalistic and tribalistic that was why. I see, that was the reason he sacrificed his own region for the good of the North and West. I think a" quid pro quo " kind of wisdom, oh! Pity!

    Did I hear you say Confab report should be implemented? Hey! Laura with all due respect your words herein are full of sweetness but lacking wisdom. Which confab are you talking about? The jamboree that took place during GEJ ? Let me tell you the report of that tea party was never meant to be implemented " abinitio " . If at all it was to be implemented it should have been done by GEJ himself because it's his own baby but nay GEJ didn't , he reserved it to be used for electioneering campaign . What a strategy that was an exercise in futility! I am not one to be surprised however for non implementation of confab report. I have followed confab and the multifarious committees and conferences set up by GEJ let administration. The results were often always non implementation . Tell me one single report from the committees set up by GEJ that was ever implemented. I make bold to say herein that there was none. Now you're threatening a less interested government to implement the report for you while heaping mountain of eulogies on " he" who abandon the said report that his people want implemented so badly . A clear testimony that the Nation lives under the weight of this " catch 22 " contradiction.

    Niger Deltans, particularly the proletariat and the lumpen must wake up from their slumber to face the naked realities in all attendant ramifications . By attribution of errors, the average Niger Deltan is not so clear as to who or what has caused the wounds and who or what continue to magnify and feeds on these wounds. All they know is that they call these wounds series of marginalization which seem to afflict every section of the region; at least so they variously claim.

    True as you claim, 13% derivation to the Niger Delta may not be enough, NDDC and the Niger Delta ministry are just but a token gesture from government ! I agree with all you said on that note but let us see and hear legitimate agitation from the stakeholders of the affected region. Let policies of government be influenced to Favour the region by its own sons and daughters. Pontificating on your Facebook wall is not enough, destroying pipelines won't kill a fly. We are very much aware that the above mentioned benefits of the Niger Delta region to wit: NDDC , Min. Of Niger Delta, 13% derivation were never pushed forward, influenced and implemented by any stakeholder from the " deprived " region. Bottom-line, as someone rightly argued herein above please look inward first for panacea . When alligators eat their own eggs, what would they not do to the flesh of a tortoise !

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