What went wrong as Nwobualor Set to Expose Obi

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    The recent faceoff between the Former Governor of
    Anambra State ( Mr.Peter Obi ) and the erstwhile
    commissioner for parks and markets during Obi's tenure
    ( Chief, Sylvester Nwobualor ) is not only a disgrace to the
    entire Agulu community but also a source of concerns and
    worry to pro Obi' s supporters .
    Yesterday, it was reported in the authority newspaper
    dated 14th July, 2016 precisely in page 12 where Chief
    Nwobualor was quoted to have said that he will personally
    expose the wickedness of the former governor if he fail to
    come and kneel before him and apologise to him for the
    recent wrongs done to him .
    According to the Authority Newspaper Chief Nwobualor
    wasn't specific on what transpired between them but our
    contact who spoke in a condition of annominty revealed
    that the case started when the former Governor refused to
    Hay chief Nwobualor the sum of One hundred and Twenty
    Million Naira contract balance arising from an estate in
    Lagos owned by chief Obi which was built by Nwobualor's
    S.N NIG LTD Lagos based company .
    According to our source, Obi insisted on not paying the
    balance because Chief Nwobualor was suppose to remit the total sum of One Hundred and Fifty million Naira contract inflation to him accrued from the New parts/
    Nkpor bridge contract of which the contractors has given to Chief Nwobualor who since then never return same to Obi even after Obi left office.
    Base on this betrayal, Obi in his own wicked and criminal
    mind has been looking for a way to pay Nwaobualor in his
    own coin. The opportunity came for Peter Obi to revenge
    and he see the contract located at Okota in Isolo L.G Area
    of Lagos state as an opportunity to recover back the said smount which Chief Nwobualor was suppose to balance him.
    We were reliably informed that Nwobualor on his own
    thought Obi has forgotten the deal. He became so annoyed
    that Obi shouldn't have raised the issue of One Hundred
    and Twenty Million naira contract inflation they had in 2011 knowing fully well that he ( Nwobualor ) knows everything that happened in Obi's government for eight good years including billions of naira of Anambra's money that develop wings and flew abroad for sponsoring Obi's foreign
    The case is very hot at the moment. The reading public are expecting the former Governor to refute this revelation by Chief Slverster Nwobualor who doubles as Obi's uncle and father and who has held an important and sensitive position as a commissioner for parks and market under Gov. Obi.

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