Who are Eligible to Join and Participate in This Forum?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Izu, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Izu

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    This is an online community for Ndigbo only, not everybody is allowed to join and participate in this forum.
    Below are acceptable criteria for joining this community - 

    * If you father is an Igbo man - Born of Igbo father makes you a full blooded Igbo, IgboBuOfu is an Igbo community which means you are welcome to Register and Participate freely.

    * If you are adopted and brought up by Igbo family.

    * If you are Married to an Igbo man - Welcome to Igbo family, by the virtue of marriage you are welcome to one of the greatest tribes on earth - Igbo.

    * If your mother is an Igbo woman - This makes you half Igbo, in Igbo culture, we don't chase out our sisters' children. They are called NWADIANA/NWADIANI  and are welcome anytime, any day to their mothers home.

    Please if you don't fall in any of the criteria listed above do not bother to join as you will not only be banned but deleted from the database, this Forum is for NDIGBO ONLY.

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