Why 'Change' Will Never Happen in Nigeria.

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    Many economists including those in the government know that no real development can happen in the present day Nigeria because of the following:
    1. Both Federal and State governments spend more than 85% of their revenues on salaries and non-value creating expenditure called Recurrent Expenditure. As at today, FG and 98% of the states borrow to pay workers' salaries. Nothing is left for infrastructure or to create the promised change.
    2. Most government officials are not capable of running modern establishment. They are grossly incompetent but are very powerful and difficult to replace. They are anointed to lead us into our destruction.
    3. Most executive governors except those of Lagos and Anambra run technically bankrupt entities but wouldn't admit the obvious for selfish reasons. FG even finances their profligacy.
    4. The government has excluded experts who can help fix the economy or spurned good advice of competent egghead and expect things to work.
    5. FG officials don't consume local. They mouth slogans they don't practice. They only breath made in Nigeria air.
    The most painful aspect is that many educated Nigerians are so ignorant or nonchalant to notice that the Nigeria's house is on fire.

    By Anayo Nwosu.

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