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    The greatest danger facing any boss or an employer of labour is the curse of having amongst the trusted subordinates, a disloyal staff.
    It is more dangerous if the person is your next in command or exacts overwhelming influence on you. It is most dangerous if the subject is a relation.
    A disloyal person is false to his or her obligations or allegiances, not loyal, faithless and treacherous. The person is more lethal than the worst ravenous snake waiting to bite you on your brokus.
    Once you identify a disloyal staff, sack him or her immediately. You could pardon the sin but still sack the sinner in your own interest.
    Don't be swayed by apologies and intermediations. Obey your survival instinct. Do away with a traitor.
    Disloyalty is like a gathering raging storm, it doesn't just start at its occurrence point.
    It's an agglomeration of negativity in the employee, driven by unbridled ambition to topple and destroy you because the person is envious of your achievements and has uncalibrated progression ambition or a natural disposition to betray.
    While CCTV, Internal Control, Audit, Integrity Tests and Spot Checks can curtail or prevent thievery, it is difficult to discover disloyalty in your trusted staff or relations.
    Was Julius Caesar, a Roman Emperor not shocked at Brutus' deep cut?
    What other precaution could Abel have taken to avoid being killed by his only brother, Cain?
    Do you have to be Prophet Jesus to see treachery in Judas?
    Didn't Thomas Sankara think that he shared the same vision of greater Burkina Faso with his best friend, Blaise Compaore who killed him and took over his post as president?
    The list is endless.
    There is no reprieve for disloyalty once discovered.
    In the military, the offender is killed, while in the mafia world, the disloyal member and his family are exterminated.
    Only a sack is permissible in the corporate world. Apply it.
    You could test the loyalty of your employees or staff today. Below is a simple technique that may be handy.
    Pick a target and confide in him or her about something so serious like any of the below:
    1. "I am terminally ill; I have a cancer of the liver and doctors gave me 8months to live; please don't tell HR, Mgt or anybody else. I need the pay and allowances I can collect now as I suspect that they might sack me if they get to know."
    2. "I am living with HIV but have been managing it and I'm not ready to disclose to anyone about my status".
    When you have delivered the above arsenal to the selected suspect, put your ears on the ground and see a human weapon in action.
    You could quicken or catalyze the activity of this human disloyalty specimen by issuing him or her a query for a simple misdemeanor. All hell will be let loose!
    You may be shocked at how destructive your supposedly loyal staff would be.
    Many subordinates have gathered dangerous information about their bosses, waiting for the right time to strike.
    Some evil juniors have also formed black market alliances with their bosses' known enemies in the organization, feeding them harmful information to checkmate their bosses.
    If you are a male boss, pray that your own boss is not being "supervised" by your female subordinates after work.
    Many middle managers are being stagnated as a result of "other room" appraisals by their female subordinates with the ultimate bosses.
    The unfortunate victims remain stunted until their female subordinates deem them to have done enough penance.
    In the course of my working life, I have seen seniors shouting "I'm loyal ooo" to junior female or male colleagues considered influential. I was to know why, later in my career.
    Many heads of innocent "John the Baptists" are being cut everyday to please "very good dancing female colleagues".
    Though God is the author and the finisher of our fate, we still owe ourselves the duty of disinfecting our homes and work environment to prevent some diseases we know.
    Even when you cannot sack a disloyal staff because you are hamstrung, initiate moves to transfer the staff out of your operational area, knowing full well that you are not safe. You are better off.
    But, if you are the work owner or a boss with "goat and rope" in his hands (i.e. you are empowered to fire), don't hesitate in immediately sacking a disloyal staff once spotted.
    If you sack a disloyal staff today, you have not erred but have just saved yourself a lethal blow.

    By Anayo Nwosu.

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