Worrying Silence of our Governors at the Fulani Herdsmen Attacks on Igboland.

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    Where next the Fulani herdsmen will strike in Igbo land is a question of time. Strike, they must.
    Not a single word from any of the South East governors is one of the biggest betrayal of trust.
    Yet, every month they pocket billions in security votes and send their media aides to sell the deceit that they're helpless.
    A state governor have the constitutional rights to send a bill direct or through proxy to the State Assembly and local vigilante will be set up. But, that might encroach on their security votes if not captured in the budget.
    So, they're prefer the attacks to go on than touching their security votes. After all, they are being protected, what's their own.
    Our governors are sitting in office on trust, our votes are the trust we collectively handed over to them.
    We have blamed the north and their leaders enough. It's about time we rise up and demand our leaders do something about these constant attacks on our people.

    Once again, the complete silence of the Abia, Anambra, Ebony, Enugu and Imo governors over the persistent attack of our people on out soil is a total betrayal of trust.
    It was issues like this that made Mbakwe the weeping governor, the suffering of his people made him weep. But, our present governors are dumb and deaf over the killings of our people.
    By Peter Agba Kalu.

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