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    This write up is no where near a satire but is a painful
    Yes, your brother or relations can kill you or arrange your
    The greatest shame of human race is that they don't learn
    from history.
    Despite the abundance of evidence that a man is not
    necessarily safe from one's own siblings or immediate and
    remote relations, temporal and spiritual leaders still believe
    they are safer in the hands of "their people" than with
    This safer "with a brother or relation" assumption is
    responsible for the following behaviours in our
    organizations, communities, states and the nation:
    1. NEPOTISM : There is no other explanation other than "I
    am safer in the hands of my brother" that would make a
    leader ensure that all critical security architecture of his
    domains is in the hands of his immediate and remote
    relations, joined together by descent or religion.
    This is widely practised in countries like Uganda, Saudi
    Arabia, Angola, Algeria, North Korean etc. and in churches
    and many organizations. These relations are assumed to
    see the regime as their own and have a patriotic obligation
    to nip all security threats in the bud.
    This philosophy works as long as there are no ambitious
    person in the security chain who nurses a dream to replace
    the person being protected. The process leading to the
    achievement of his ambition is usually costly.
    There are cases where a man would rather share his
    secret with his brothers than with his legally wedded wife.
    The man keeps living in the illusion of how closely knit his
    mother's sons were and how he would never allow even a
    lovely wife come between him and his brothers. It is
    therefore common to see some business names like Jude
    & Brothers Ltd, Musa Brothers or Obi & Brothers Ltd.
    The heart rending part is that the so called lovely brothers
    would descend on the widow of their brother and children
    and strip them of their inheritance in the name of
    protecting their brother's assets. What a shame!
    With an exception of the main orthodox churches in
    Nigeria, the major first and second generation pentecostal
    churches are so tribalistic in the population of their
    Despite the "global in stature" claims of Assembles of God,
    Redeemed Christian Church of God, Deeper Life, Lord's
    Chosen etc, the first 20 pastors in order of hierarchy have
    the same colour as the Nigeria's current security chiefs'
    Surprisingly, there are abound in historical books and real
    life examples where brothers exploited filial trust to deal
    deadly blows on the supposed brother.
    The following are but few known instances:
    1. ABEL & CAIN ACCOUNT : The first brothers descending
    from the humans God himself created were Cain and Abel.
    They were born of the same parents. One killed the other
    out of jealousy.
    2. ESAU & JACOB : Shakespeare said that there is no art to
    read a mind's construction from the face. So, it is very
    difficult to know how much your own blood brother covet
    you position. Even your mother or siblings could be co-
    opted in the act of conning or destroying whatever that
    matters to you.
    Brothers from the same father may have not forgotten your
    childhood stories or statement on how successful you
    planned to be.
    Some of them would be watching and would be ready to
    strike before you take a shine off their stars.
    It will now become so easy for them to finish you up when
    you rely on them for protection, a role they feel you gave
    them to establish your superiority over them. They will
    strike when you least expected and you shall fall.
    4: JESUS EXPERIENCE : Brilliant bible students know that
    Judas that betrayed Jesus was from his home town. He
    was the treasurer of Jesus' organisation who could be said
    to have disbursed funds for daily expenses. He knew the
    nature and the scope all Jesus' activities and planned the
    expenditure. That was a position of trust. With good
    information at his disposal, he betrayed his master
    Protection is from God. Reliance on your relations or
    religious brothers for protection may give you a
    psychological feeling of security but it is not fool-proof.
    No one is ever protected from a homegrown terror
    orchestrated by ambitious and jealous relations who know
    the target so well.
    Successful polygamists would always allude to their
    marrying wives not from the same town or even the same
    tribe as the a key element for a marital harmony.
    Professionalism in the security circles by setting up clear
    succession plans, good and equitable leadership, openness
    and fairness in the affairs of an entity protect more than a
    reliance on consanguineous security approach.
    Very high concentration of a particular ethnic group in the
    apex of a set-up that should be diversity reflective does
    elicit a perception of colonial image or disposition of
    resentment towards what ordinarily should be embraced a
    national organization . This in itself is a greater insecurity.

    By Anayo Nwosu.

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